Transferring BAS files to and from a Disk image for use in VCC Coco Emulator

Tandy Coco Basic programs are stored in a tokenised format. If you was to write to them outside an emulator, you can transfer them to a disk image with the Toolshed decb.exe tool.

Here is a simple one line Basic program in the emulator typed in by hand.


To transfer a file from VCC to your host OS such as Windows, insert a disk image file in the emulator and save the basic program as an ASCII file with the following Disk Extended Color Basic command:


This will save the file as ASCII rather than the tokenised form. Eject the disk image and you can extract the file to start editing in a text editor such as notepad. To extract the, now ASCII, BAS file where the image file is named “Disk.dsk”:

decb.exe copy Disk.dsk,MYPROG.BAS MYPROG.BAS

Now you will have a local copy of “MYPROG.BAS” outside the disk image and you can edit it.

Make a small change to the basic program


Once you are ready to put it back in the emulator you can do the following:

decb.exe copy -a MYPROG.BAS -0 -t Disk.dsk,MYPROG2.BAS 

You will now have a file called “MYPROG2.BAS” on the disk image which you can insert in to the emulator and load in Basic


Then take a look at the change inside the emulator:


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