NASM 16-bit EXE file example

This is an example Hello World ASM 16 Bit x86 assembly program which can be compiled and linked into a 16 Bit DOS EXE with freely available tools.
First compile it in Windows with NASM, and then link it to create an EXE using the public domain VAL linker.

; hello.asm
; Compile in Windows
; nasm -f obj -o hello.obj hello.asm
; link in DOSBox / MS DOS
; val hello.obj,hello.exe,,,


segment code

mov ax,data
mov ds,ax
mov ax,stack
mov ss,ax
mov sp,stacktop

mov dx,hello
mov ah,9
int 0x21

mov ax,0x4c00
int 0x21

segment data

hello: db 'Hello World', 13, 10, '$'

segment stack stack
resb 64

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