Using c1541 from Vice Commodore 64 Emulator to transfer PRG files on to disk images

The Vice the Versatile Commodore Emulator contains a tool which is useful for transfering program files that were cross assembled on windows or other systems to a .d64 disk image file.
While VICE is able to load PRG files directly, with File > Autostart disk/tape image…, some emulators may only allow the use of disk images. You may also wish to prepare a PRG file to run on actual C64 harware.
To add a file called prog1.prg to a new disk use the following command from the command line, where the Vice c1541.exe executable is in your PATH.

c1541 -format disk1,id d64 disk1.d64 -attach disk1.d64 -write prog1.prg prog1

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